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The Challenge:

No. 10 Bellair is home to the historic University Theatre. Built in 1947 by Famous Players and designed by Theatre architect Eric W. Hounsom the building was one of Canada's first large post-war movie houses. The design of the exterior façade is strongly influenced by the Art Moderne style and is considered an architectural landmark. The builder, planning an upscale condominium on the site, was looking to challenge design conventions by doing more than just building around the historical structure. The challenge for Deltera became how to preserve the integrity of the design while reconstructing the façade to its original form using modern construction technology.

The Deltera Approach:

Deltera's Project Management team worked closely with the developer in planning the entire design and preservation process beginning with arranging meetings with City Council to gain local community approval and support for the project. From start to finish Deltera's experts took special care in planning and executing the preservation process. The theatre façade was dismantled piece by piece, shrink wrapped for protection, catalogued and placed in storage for the two year duration of the project. As the condominiums at No. 10 Bellair were built, experts contracted by Deltera reconstructed the theatre façade, skillfully preserving its unique and graceful features and seamlessly integrating it into the modern upscale condominiums above.

Deltera's Unique Value:

At every step of the project Deltera's planning and project management expertise provided the know how and leadership to bring the developer's plans to fruition. The unique nature of project required a special marshalling and leveraging of resources including the engaging of skilled craftsmen and site supervisors familiar with preservation techniques and the procurement of specialized materials and supplies. Deltera's superior relationship with municipal government and local regulatory bodies was also called into play as they worked closely with City Council to gain the necessary permits and approval. Because Deltera was involved from the very earliest stages of the project they were able to provide all the planning and knowledge needed to cost effectively and efficiently build what is arguably one of the most striking condominium developments in the city.

Client Payoff:

Everybody was a winner. The developer leveraged Deltera's resources and expertise to cost effectively and seamlessly integrate a historic landmark into his upscale project, the condominium owners appreciate the unique appearance of their home and the local community retains a valued architectural element of their cityscape.

10 bellair Toronto

Project: 10 Bellair - Historical Landmark Preservation - University Theatre Façade

Job Type: Luxury Condominiums

Location: Toronto

Client: Tridel

Size: 318,000 sq. ft.

10 Bellair

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